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Welcome to SPACEBOOK.  The social media platform for outer space! 


In the future, people will travel to and possibly even live in outer space. When they do, they will undoubtedly be posting space selfies to their social media accounts in an attempt to be cool. SPACEBOOK allows even those of us who still live on earth and could never afford to travel to space, the opportunity to have our own space selfie.

SPACEBOOK is about claiming the hashtag #spacebook ahead of wealthy space tourists and to have fun here on earth. The images posted below were created by individuals who entered the SPACEBOOK installation, took a photo, and then uploaded it to social media via Instagram or Facebook.

This project premiered on February, 29th 2016 at the SpaceLab Gallery at the University of Indiana Southeast. It was up for only a few days, however, the potential is there for something bigger. The next Spacebook installation will be even more interstellar!

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